Garmin Coach won't sync for benchmark run.

The watch just says "Set up a Garmin Coach training plan using Garmin Connect Mobile."

I have tried connecting via cable to Garmin Express & syncing there.

I have tried uninstalling Garmin Connect from my phone, forgetting the bluetooth connection, rebooting & setting up the watch as if it is new. 

The watch still just says "Set up a Garmin Coach training plan using Garmin Connect Mobile." I was very much looking forward to going for a benchmark run tonight, any advice?

  • OMG i finally got mine to work at least for now. I have Fenix 6S. I did as the other posters suggested. Not sure which fix helped but this is what I did.

    Problems I had. I did my benchmark run but it wasn't recognized. My watch kept showing NO PLAN message and use Garmin Mobile but it was showing on my phone. 

    1. Under Garmin Coach on my phone - Reschedule my run for today instead of future date. 
    2. Sync Device IMMEDIATELY following the change. On my phone, I went to Devices - Sync Now

    My watch immediately showed on my watch an active Coach Plan. Use this area to select the Benchmark Run, not the activities option on the watch. 

    Sadly, I could not force the previous day's run to count as my benchmark so I will do my run again today to hopefully allow it to count towards my progress. Good Luck! 

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • I had the same problem with my Vivo active 4. As suggested by another replier, i rescheduled the workout in the Connect phone app, then scheduled it again for today. That solves the problem and I was able to do the benchmark run as planned.

  • The only fix for me was turning off bluetooth, rescheduling my benchmark run to tomorrow, turning bluetooth back on and syncing. When I tried to move the benchmark run back to today, no luck, the message on my watch was back to the original "Set up a Garmin Coach training plan...". Super annoying and unclear why this is such an issue, but I guess I'll just start tomorrow...

  • Same problem here, and nothing works so far. I am at the point where I am about to delete the whole plan, and go back to the traditional paper based plans. Why can't they make this simple and fool-proof??

    Update: I am giving up on this. I'll come back to the training plans once they have sorted out their stuff.

    Update 2: I went back to a training plan on paper. I am very disappointed in this part of Garmin Connect.

  • I did my run but the benchmark run still moved to the next day. I just realized tonight that I had to find the run on my watch, which took a lot of playing with my watch to figure out where it was hiding. I have an Instinct. Go to activity tracking, run, menu, training, my workout, and that’s where it says Benchmark run. I have it scheduled for tomorrow so I will try it then and hopefully it will sync and give me my next workout

  • This happened to me with my instinct. Just had to click gps on my watch and the benchmark run came up. Took me a good hour to figure it out.

  • I tried the following and it worked:

    1. Try holding the "Light" button, press up until you get the "Sync" then the workout calendar will be updated. 

    2. Connect your Garmin to your computer and using the Garmin Express, sync the watch. 

    I hope this can help. 

  • Old thread I know but I fought with this for SO LONG and tried the other solutions in this thread to no avail.  The issue for me turned out to be a timezone bug. My watch refused to sync any coaching plan runs for today if it was after midnight UTC (7pm EST). 

    The trick to doing a benchmark run on the night I set it up was to change the timezone on my phone (and therefore the watch) to UTC or UK time so the date was tomorrow, to sync, and to do the run.  It can then be changed back and the run will appear on the right day.

    10 years as a software developer gets you good at spotting timezone issues :p