Body Battery and Stress scores not showing on new device

Hi all,

So I got a new garmin (replaced 45 with 735XT) and am very happy. Except since removing the 45 and adding the 735XT in Connect, Stress and Body Battery is saying "no data". All other data is fine but not these two which is annoying. To try and resolve, I have:-

1. Reset the watch to default settings;

2. Removed and re-added the 735XT in Connect;

3. Removed and re-added my date of birth in Connect;

4. Updated all software and firmware through both Connect and Express; and

5. Searched everywhere for an answer!

There has been no change. Having looked at issues people have with owning more than one device I wonder if this is the issue give it started when I changed devices.

Any ideas on what I can do  would be very much appreciated!!