Can you view history of a specific Exercise?

If i do an exercise (say Bench press) across multiple weights sessions.  Can i view a history of just the bench press numbers? How..

Further, how do I add my own exercises to the list when adding exercises to create a workout. It seems most of the exercises I do are not included in the current list.

  • It seems (after a bit of googling myself)  that Garmin connect is not setup to be used for Weight training and so you can't monitor exercise gains.   Also that you cannot add any exercises.  Making it farily useless for gym tracking. :-(

  • If you go to reports in Garmin Connect one of the options is strength training. Click that and you can select a specific exercise and view reps and weight over time.

    As for adding your own exercises, there have been several posts over time asking for that feature but so far it has not changed. My solution is to use whichever exercise is the closest fit and then make sure to use that in the future so the history is correct but I would prefer if I could just add my own.

  • Crazy there still is no way to see this on the watch. Seems pretty basic to me for strength workout and doesn't sound hard to implement