My Vivoactive 3 is no longer syncing steps, sleep stats, stress from the day before. Why and how do I fix?

So, my Vivoactive 3 is not sending everything to Garmin Connect when I sync it up via a desktop PC.

So example, if I sync midday Friday, but forget to do it again before midnight, on Saturday the only things that are synced to Garmin Connect are my recorded activites. I already did a hard reboot and deleted temp files per Garmin suggestion, but that did not help. My watch is still correctly showing how many steps I've done the last two days, but the Garmin Connnect app is not picking up on stuff from previous days. Same goes for sleep, heart rate, etc.

What can fix this, is this is a Garmin Express bug due to a recent update?

  • I have exactly same problem - Vivoactive 3 watch + Garmin Connect on PC syncs only values from current day, but not from past days, even though the values are correctly shown on watch. I remember it used to work.

    I noticed that release notes to some software update mentioned sync improvements, so it may be connected to this issue.

  • Even with the 6.60 update, it is still doing it as of today. Super annoying. Losing a lot of steps and not accurate sleep data which I'm trying to do better tracking.

  • I am also having this problem, I synced this morning and noticed nothing from the past 15 hours was there. It was on my watch though, but didn't sync. I could see the past 4 hours which showed my heart rate and my rest, but it never showed up. I don't know about this watch anymore, it sure was too expensive to act like garbage. (plus the other issues it has with missing steps, inaccurate data at times, switching screens, not vibrating when I have too high a heart rate and so on)

  • Similar problem:  Vivofit 4 worked perfect on syncing until about 10 days ago and then stopped syncing past steps data to Garmin Connect.  It shows the current day steps, but the next day when I sync again, the past days steps zero out.     I think the data is still there but it appears to be a problem with the Connect app.   Anyone finding any fixes?   Does Garmin even monitor/repond to this forum?

  • Has anyone solved this issue?   I started for me this week as well..... tracks runs and walks just fine, just not other data

  • Basically there are two possibilities:

    1. The synchronisation does not work (the white circle around the watch symbol never closes) - in that case follow the tips in the Sync / Connection Troubleshooting Guide 

    2. When the synchronisation works (the white sync circle closes and turns green), but the data is not appearing in your account, then it very probably means that your device is associated with multiple accounts. It frequently happens for example when you reinstall the application, and inadvertently sign up a new account instead of signing into the original one. Follow the instructions from the support document Data is Missing from My Garmin Account After Syncing to resolve the issue.

  • I have exactly the same problem.  Contacted Garmin many, many times about this issue over the last 3 months. I got an email requesting I send a report to them, which I did, but no-one ever got back to me. Contacted Garmin again and they requested I reinstall Connect.  Did that and the situation didn  't change.  Contacted Garmin again... they asked for my permission to access my account, gave them that.  Didn't hear anything again.  Contacted Garmin again...

    Yes, you get the picture, Garmin support staff are unable to rectify this - correct me if I am wrong!

    Waving bye bye to Garmin.

  • Not saying you're wrong, but that has not been my experience. The support I've gotten over the last decade has been superb. Unfortunately, this is not typical from what I'm reading from the forum. Certain countries seem to not have the same level of support as we get here. Of course, the forum is not the most accurate sample of the customer base.

    But yeah, if you're not happy, I would choose a different company.

  • Intetesting, so how did your non-syncing get resolved?

  • The last time I had this issue I didn't need to contact Garmin. I used the advice offered here on the Garmin Connect Android forum: Sync / Connection Troubleshooting Guide

    Pretty much covers every possible scenario and fix, at least on an Android phone. My specific issue was item #7. I had inadvertently signed up for a new Garmin account when I got a new phone, instead of using the existing account. So when viewing my activities on Garmin Connect Web, there was nothing new there. When viewing on the app there was only new activities.