Corrupt FIT File Repair Requests


I would like to load this file into any software, but all of them tell me that it cannot be imported.
For some reason the file is not working (the watch ran out of battery while it was tracking the hike), but I would really like to have it.

Any ideas?


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  • Thanks but it already worked for me using the FIT File Tools website. I was trying to repair the file by using the Corrupt Time Fixer. Later I red in the post that I was supposed to use the Section Remover…. That worked for me. It repaired the almost the whole file. There was some minimal strange data, for example the calories burned was really absurd.

  • Thanks heaps. I'll give the fit file tools a go next time it happens (hopefully it doesn't!)

  • Hi
    I'm not sure I've understood your problems. But I "frequently" have issues downloading stored swim heart rate data (From Garmin HRM-Swim) to my Forerunner 965.

    The workaround I've found to work almost always is.

    1- Disable Bluetooth on your mobile phone (To avoid duplicated activities. More on that later).

    2- When finishing your activity. Choose to save it. But *CANCEL* the heart rate data download. Save the workout WITHOUT the heart rate data.

    (This will save an activity without heart rate data. And if your phone syncs that, you'll have an activity on Garmin Connect (And any other services connected to it) without the heart rate data.

    3- Go to the activity details and THEN choose to download the heart rate data. The watch should search for your HRM, download the data, then treat/parse/add/etc.

    (This will add/impose the heart rate data on your current activity. If you had synced before this step, Garmin Connect will create a new/duplicate activity, but with your heart rate data, and this new one "might" go to other services, or not. Depending on the Service. It won't go to Strava because Strava will believe it's a duplicate activity because it is of the same type and started at the same time as the previous one, but it will go as a duplicate to TrainingPeaks)

    4- Now you can turn on Bluetooth on your mobile and then sync.

  • Hi,

    Can anyone help. I'm mac user and I can't use FitTools to fix my corrupted .fit file.

    Just made long activity with my Fenix 6 sapphire and now it doesn't sync to my Connect account. Tried also add it manually to Connect but it gives an error "We don't support the file type you tried to import.". So I assume that the file is corrupted.


  • I'm seeing a 41 km point-to-point ride This will work - [solved]

    Fixed using Fit File Repair Tool

    Some suggestions to help minimize the occurrence of corrupt fit files:

    Seeing that you used an HRM-Pro this will sometimes corrupt activity fit files 

  • Thanks man. You're saviour. What was wrong in that data?

    I have sometimes problems with the external HR data especially when activities are long the HR data download fails and this time download went succeeded until the third time.

  • I have my watch on the bike handlebar and hrm-pro of course on my chest. There could be times that I have leaved my bike and walked too far from it so the connection between sensor and clock is lost. I went coffee in the coffee shop, took dip in the lake, ate unch in cabin, etc.

    Hmm, the clock told that HR data download succeeded that's strange

  • I tried now that cancel external HR download workaround and again my data didn't sync to Connect when I turned Bluetooth on. I also tried add manually that activity and it gave an error "We don't support the file type you tried to import."


    There was maybe couple situations when my watch was too far from my HRM-Pro