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Sensors used

Please Garmin let me know what sensors were used in an activity.
How can I tell if the speed sensor was connected or not,
How can I tell if MY HRM was connected and not another.
How do I know if Temperature came from Tempe or internal...
The only thing mentioned is the watch used. This is ridiculous

and this would be awesome:
Re-Calculate the data by removing a sensor.
Do I feel the internal barometer is telling lies? Let me select gps elevation afterwards. With a push of a button.
  • I ve used 500 and 520 on my bike,
    15, 220, 230, 235, 735xt, 645M on my wrist.
    Several HRMs, speed sensor, cadence, Tempe, footpod
    I hate trying to remember what sensors I used.
    They're in the fit file, right?
    Why aren't they listed somewhere?
  • An interesting exception is the RD pod. This one is displayed in activity details.
  • The Stryd is listed too.

    I fully support the OP here. When looking back through earlier sessions, it is annoying that this information is missing. The most obvious is heart rate: Was the internal sensor used, or did I use a chest strap? I can see this with third party tools, but not in Garmin Connect.

    In some cases it would also be good to know not only which sensor was used, but also how it was configured in the watch. As an example, by mistake I had some runs where the watch auto calibrated my Stryd distance. I trust the Stryd more than I trust the auto calibration. So I would like to know what the calibration factor was set at for each session. But this information is gone.
  • The Stryd is listed too.

    unfortunately it is not.
    Note that if an IQ app is used, that app is listed.
    Make a test. Start an activity without STRYD. The Logo is listed, but data isn't there...
    Total mess...
  • Yes, the Stryd app is listed.

    If the Stryd was connected, there are data in the IQ fields from the Stryd. If it was not connected, the IQ fields are empty.

    So it is quite easy to see if the Stryd was connected or not.

    What is not easy to see is how it was configured in the watch. Did the watch get pace from the Stryd? Did it get distance from the Stryd? Was a calibration factor used? None of this information is visible - and probably not even stored.
  • I am forced to find hacks to display a connected sensor...

    e.g I have a data field with R/L foot balance just to check if the chest HRM is connected or the optical one is been used.

    This is still ridiculous Angry

  • C'mon Garmin, please let this happen

  • let me know what sensors were used in an activity.

    You can find the list of sensors used in an actvity, in JSON format, with the help of the following URL (replace the numeric activity ID with the ID of your activity found in the address line of the activity page):

    Then search in the results for the section sensors, it will show something in this form:

    {sku: "006-B3126-00", softwareVersion: 7}
    {sku: "006-B3126-00", localDeviceType: "BAROMETER", softwareVersion: 7}
    {sku: "006-B3750-00", localDeviceType: "GPS", softwareVersion: 2.6}
    {localDeviceType: "ACCELEROMETER", softwareVersion: 249.56}
    {localDeviceType: "WHR", softwareVersion: 3.32}
    {sku: "006-B3127-00", localDeviceType: "SENSOR_HUB", softwareVersion: 1.4}

    If you have no viewer for "beautifying" the JSON output, you can use for example the online JSON viewer.

    Let me select gps elevation afterwards. With a push of a button.

    That is already possible, since a long time (a few years?). Enable Elevation Corrections at the concerned activity (see the option on the right side of the activity screen, just below the watch photo)

  • Great info, thanks.

    It would also be great to know when in time the sensor got disconnected and when the internal temp/hr got in charge

  • Not sure about Elevation Correction button.

    I tried it many times and it showed elevation data taken from the map or from other users, not from MY gps.

    The only sure way I know is to export GPX file and re-upload it so it doesn't contain Baro-data