Please add "Soccer" as an activity!

Can you please add Soccer as an activity? I'd be even happier if there could be indoor soccer, outdoor soccer, and soccer training. After all, if RC/Drone can be considered an activity, surely soccer would be too!

  • There is no activity to choose for soccer (indoor/outdoor, or grass/Astro turf). Can this be added as an activity to choose from? I have a descent Mk1.

    The motivation for this is that I many people wear their garmin watches whilst playing soccer, like me, but we have to create an “Other” type activity due to it not being there. There are a few problem with this: 1) you cannot trim "other“ type activities- I sometimes forget to press stop and I drive off from soccer and then it records my travel as distance, 2) soccer qualifies for an official activity, 3) other activities record elevation gains (which doesn’t make sense for soccer), 4) there are no soccer-specific metrics available (field type, players per team, ball size, etc), and 5) when using the HRM, it doesn’t track cadence and such information!

    As a scuba diver I appreciate the single gas dive mode, just as a runner appreciates the treadmill mode!

    please add a soccer activity to garmin connect (especially for the decent mk1- even though this may seem odd!)

  • I have also submitted a request! I hope it gets added

  • Soccer and basketball activities should be added!

  • If you want to record an outdoor football game, you can choose Running, and if you want to record an indoor basketball game, you can choose Cardio. Alternatively, you can use the Cardio type for both indoor and outdoor sports, as the GPS tracking will not be very accurate or suitable for this type of activity. In the Connect IQ store, you can find plenty of options by entering keywords like football and basketball into the search box. So according to a blog you can find the one that meets your needs and is compatible.