Please add "Soccer" as an activity!

Can you please add Soccer as an activity? I'd be even happier if there could be indoor soccer, outdoor soccer, and soccer training. After all, if RC/Drone can be considered an activity, surely soccer would be too!

  • I understand that it is not accepted practice to wear a watch whilst playing football (soccer) so Garmin haven't added it.
  • Generally it is true that you are not supposed to wear jewelery of any kind while playing soccer. However, pickup leagues may allow it (if covered with a sweat band), you certainly could during practice sessions, and to add the activity after the fact. Right now, my practices and pick up games get flagged as "other."
  • And it would be nice if I could somehow capture the intensity minutes that would have counted if I'd been wearing my VS HR+!
  • Yes, this surprised me as well.
    I'm a newbie, so this garmin world is quite unknown territory to me, but with quick look it seems that all the team sports and a lot of other sports (ie. skating) are missing as an activity.
    Although it is forbidden and also wise not the wear any watches nor jewelries during a game, one could measure activity with chest strap.
    Currently it seem that for football one needs to create a new activity (based on running, perhaps) or alternatively use Sports+ app. I think I go with latter.
    Oddly enough it looks that both Suunto and Polar supports much wider variety of different sports.
  • You can defo wear these in lower leagues with a sweatband because we already do. :) 

  • You can add soccer (or any other missing sport) as a Custom Activity., and configure the monitoring settings in the way you wish (i.e. with or without GPS, the layout of the screens, alerts, etc.)

  • I know that this question is kind of common here. But I just don´t get it.
    There are about 300'000'000 people playing Soccer in this world, and just because it is not allowed to wear sports trackers, jewellery and stuff in official matches still millions of people are playing in a way that would allow wearing watches.
    You even can add activities like taking a ride on your snowmobile or doing stuff you usualy do on your daily way to school like going there by wingsuit (?!?) but you can´t add soccer?
    The first "Please-add-Soccer"-Question I found in this blog is about 8 years old... So it just seems to be some kind of weird garmin policy to avoid supporting Basketball/IndoorSoccer/OutdoorSoccer/Volleyball(in case of: yes, it works well...)/etc. just because it is not allowed to wear watches in official matches? Maybe because it is not safe? - Well, wingsuiting is safe...
    This is stubborn and not customer friendly at all if my sports tracker tries to educate me in a "it´s not allowed so we don´t support that"-way. It is asked - that should matter.
    And: I know it is possible to build custom-activities, but it really (REALLY!!) disappoints me, that I have to do so for this super-exotic kind of sport called Soccer!

  • Well said - Garmin even has a preset activity  for WINGSUIT FLYING - was it really that hard to add the most popular sport in the world!!

  • Wingsuit flying needs specific tracking, but soccer and hundreds of other outdoor games can do quite well with the standard Running monitoring mode, so the is no real need to make a special mode for each of them. Just use Running, or create your own custom activity type based on Runing, and it will be just fine. 

  • I totally disagree.

    First: Soccer does not do quite well with the standard running monitoring mode - specially if you do both running and soccer. 8km of straight running over 90min is completely different to 8km multidirectional stop-sprint-stop-sprint within 2x 45min and 15min pause. So I do have to create my own custom activity to separate running stats from soccer stats in order to avoid mixing them up.

    Second: If you were right, why then the options Streetrunning, Trailrunning, Indoor-Running, Walking, ... ? - Much more similar to each other than running to soccer. Makes no sense.

    Third: I know I can create a special activity. But it should not be neccessary. The option should be just there. I dont want to get into it and figure out how to create stuff. Maybe thousends of garmin users are in total happiness when they just can plan and program and customize their holy watch. In the meanwhile I will play soccer.