I would like to import my food diary from Cronometer instead of Myfitnesspal

Please allow importing food calories from Cronometer.com I do not like using Myfitnesspal. I currently use a combination of Garmin and Fitbit data, it would be much nicer if I could report my food calories to Garmin Connect as well.
  • Looks like Garmin is bending over for My Fitness Pal.  Cronometer is far superior.  I do not want to waste my time logging info into MFP when it does not give the detailed data that Cronometer does.  I spend time using Cronometer because it gives me that detailed information

  • Add my vote to those wanting additional options for calorie entry in Garmin Connect. I've been using the paid version of MFP for nine months, solely because it integrates with Garmin Connect, and have come to realize that the MFP nutrition database is FULL of bad data. Now I realize the ONLY method to enter calories in Garmin Connect is through MFP. Why on earth would Garmin do this? I can't even manually enter calories consumed anywhere in Connect. Why? 

    Really disappointed with this aspect of Connect. 

  • I see this was started over 4yrs ago.   Is this still an issue? 

  • It is as of today. At least, I can find no method to enter calories consumed into Connect other than through MFP. It seems like there would be somewhere to enter even just a raw total calories consumed number, but no. I can enter water consumed, I can enter manual activities, but not calories. Only through MFP. Perhaps there is some ownership connection between Garmin and MFP. 

  • Yeah MFP is owned by underarmor there must be a deal between them and Garmin. I'm actually surprised that either company would put their name behind such a terrible piece of software. MFP is useless. I don't bother with connect much. I just use it to track my runs and have it import energy burnt into cronometer. Connect also disrespects the user in other ways eg refusing to sync without location services turned on or refusing to display a map for a run without google play services even though the Garmin watch itself uses open street maps. Screw Garmin. I won't be buying any of their products again. There are plenty of other options on the market these days. Garmin doesn't deserve my money.

  • MFP has its advantages over Cronometer, however the poor quality of the database and apparent lack of control over user input into the database pretty much defeat any features MFP has which may shine over competitors' offerings. Cronometer far exceeds any other option I've seen so far in its detailed tracking of micronutrients, trace minerals, nutrient ratios, and a host of other info. 

    Also, while Cronometer does allow users to create custom foods which are not in the database, doing so requires supplying an image of both the nutrition data label and the packaging front label, The item is then vetted by Cronometer staff prior to being released into the public Cronometer database, though it is available privately to the user who created it right away. This maintains the quality of info in the database, unlike MFP where any user can add an item to the public database and there is all kinds of bad info in there which must be waded through to find something accurate.

  • I would like this, too! I really don't like MFP.

  • It's been years since this was posted. I'm commenting to give it a bump. Chronometer and Garmin Connect need to play nice.

  • Me too. Please support cronometer or at least tell us why you won’t 

  • I began having Garmin Connect push my activity and sleep data to Cronometer, and just use Cronometer now. Stopped using Garmin Connect altogether. I wear the watch, track workouts on the watch, enter calories and hydration in Cronometer, and I can see my Garmin data (at least the data I want to see) in Cronometer.