Mark workout as done in a training plan

It seems that training plans mark workout as done only when they are done the same day they are scheduled on. It happens sometimes though that I might do a workout one day earlier or later. Isn't it possible to mark a workout as complete when it was done the day before or after?
  • Wow, 3 years and no answer....Guess not many people find this an issue.

    I don't understand though, why doesn't doing a training activity mark it as done in the calendar, rather than showing both the training activity and my completed activity?

    Seems like an obvious streamline, rather than the duplicated mess that now shows up in my calendar.

    Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

  • A workout is shown as done only if you really did it. Doing a workout means you actually started your activity in the workout mode. When a workout is scheduled for the day you are starting your activity, the workout mode is usually offered by default automatically. If you miss your schedule, or want to do it it before the scheduled day, you have to start the workout manually by going to the Activity menu » Training » My Workouts » select the concerded workout and start it.

    If you missed a workout or started a plain-vanilla activity instead of the workout, you either have to re-do it, or you can just start it in a dummy mode (without really doing it), and once saved, you could edit it, entering the totals from the former plain-vanilla activity.

  • Hi, What you are saying is totally understandable. the question is different ( at least on my side ) . I have a scheduled workout and i do it , that is start the workout on the watch and complete it . The problem is that after i complete the workout on the calendar i see 2 entries , the one that i have schedule before ( usually Yellow ) and the one i have done .. so , as i see it it should show twice.. 

  • I have the same issue like Dagan and Stephen. I am using a plan from Training peaks and it worked perfectly for the past year. Since December though I am seeing the planned workouts and the finished workouts in my Garmin Connect calender. Did anybody find a solution? Thanks