Garmin Customer Service

So I've sent two emails to Garmin customer service (one on 5/7 and another on 5/11) and other than the automatic response I have heard nothing about my issues. What is worse if it seems that the emails are just an "noreply" message, so I have no way to check my status other than to contact customer service again.
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    I have also e-mailed them twice and find the term service to be a joke. They say 3 business days but first time was not 3 days and response seemed to be a script that repeated exactly what I had told them I had already tried. Second message has had no response and going on 5 days now.
  • Try calling. Tends to get a better response although I've never known them not to reply to an email I've sent.
  • My experience with garmins so called 'support' has been horrendous. Zero answe, then about six weeks later some totally incomprehensible geek speak reply solving nothing.
    There is no help, its a joke
  • So have I.
    In fact, for one bug I reported, a Garmin Dev called me to discuss it. I ended up giving her my user id and password so they could debug the issue.
  • I've detailed a 100% reproducible bug, how to reproduce it in detail and ended the message with something to the effect of 'please don't reply with the templated response I received last time'...

    ...received templated response. These people don't even read your support emails it seems.

    Instead of acting on the clear instructions I left on reproducing the bug, they asked me to call during business hours.

    During the call I had to explain to the person I spoke to, the features of their devices and of Garmin Connect.

    I also had to explain that updating the firmware on my device and doing a hard reset isn't going to fix a bug in Garmin Connect.

    After several hours on the phone patiently repeating the content of my original support email, someone understood what the bug was.

    Because reading a support email and sending a non-templated response is apparently far too difficult for the boffins over at Garmin.
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    Try calling. Tends to get a better response although I've never known them not to reply to an email I've sent.

    I have always found them superb on the phone. AND they have a freephone number, which is rare these days! Give them another chance.
  • Why do you think they have a support email page if they aren't going to read your email and only reply with the same templated email each time?

    Even when you ask them not to?

    Even when it's a bug in their software?

    Even when you only end up repeating yourself over the phone for a few hours, wasting both your and the poor person who obviously has no idea what a "Garmin" is's time?

    I'm genuinely curious about this.
  • Granted, email response should be better than what you're reporting and quality of verbal response on phone can vary. As I said above, I've had good luck on the phone as have others who have weighed in. So a call may be productive, but if you don't want to, don't.
  • Call them

    I've almost always had good support experiences, over more than a decade, when I call. It's one of the reasons I keep buying Garmin. (10 devices so far, plus recommendations to others.) Email, not so much.

    -- Pete