Garmin Connect Mobile Ideas and Suggestions

Have an idea that would improve the Garmin Connect Mobile application? We would love to hear from you! Please use the Garmin Connect Mobile Ideas and Suggestions thread to submit your ideas, suggestions, and recommendations related to the Garmin Connect Mobile app. Thank you very much!

  • I'm often facing lack of translation in new badges page, like this

  • 1) It would be great if the calendar view in a landscape format and immediately more information are visible (sport, distance, time)
    2) A search function for activities

  • 1) fix bug 1: training effect in list view of an activity is the same for aerob and anaerob.

    2) fix bug 2: the newly added card in "my day" for training load does not appear (was only visible the first day the latest gcm app was released) + show both the training status and the number for the training load also the compact view.

    3) allow to add more metrics to "my day": i would like to see "vo2max" and "time to recover".

    4) the chart for 7-day-trainingload could be shown in the overview of the training load area (there is space enough). and the new view for only 4 weeks of the training load chart is not nice - this was better before. please bring back a longer time frame (like 4 weeks, 12 weeks, 6 months, 12 months).

    === EDIT ===

    5) if i select cycling under the activities tab, i would like to see the total TIME (like the shown total distance) as well. at the moment it is impossible to find out, how many miles AND how man hours i have been on the bike.

    6) expand my 5) to let me select which activities i want to have listed and calculated in different time frames. i would like to see how many time i have spent and how many miles i have done for cycling and on the elliptical trainer per week/month/year and how many activities i have done (much like the statistics of runtastic, where i can filter by type of activity and group by time frame).

    by the way: nice that you are asking!!!

  • For indoor rowing -> edit distance, make it so that you can set distance in km with decimals as in some of the other screens.  Last time I used this there was a lot of spinning to get to 8,000 meters (1m scale).

  • Would love more personal records and customisable ones. Atm in cycling there are only 4.  Possibly best 5,10,20,50,100km time, fastest top speed, best vo2max etc

  • In the sleep view mode, consider adding %s as a view option, in addition to minutes of sleep type, and the movement view. Other services use percentage also, and it can be an easy way to view sleep status.  Thanks.

  • -Display hours/minutes of walked steps.
    -Adding an automatic or settable goal for the time of walked steps.

    -Possibility to filter badges by sport type (also being possible to hide badges that you cannot fullfil with your current watch).

    -Being able to see recovery time from the Garmin application, not only from the watch).

    -Possibility to give feedback with smileys on an fresh performed activitie to give more accurate recovery time.

    -When opening an activity, possibility to display the heart bpm chart with 5 colours grade on y-axis to differentiates heart zones.

    -With automatic settings for heart zones, BPM ranges seems not aligned between garmin watch and garmin application/web chart displaying.

    -Possibility to consult all took photos linked to activities in one page.

    -Possibility to compare easily data from year to year and being able to see trends/evolution+-/sums.

  • Is there a way in Garmin Connect ios to enter distances covered and bypass that scroll-wheel input method? When you are entering, for example, 10,000m on a rowing machine it is a real pain to have to scroll all the way to 10,000, when a simple keyboard input would do it directly.