Recovery detail (HRV) and sleep questionnaire

Hey guys, as a golf fitness trainer and avid fitness person myself, recovery has been a large portion of my focus within my own training as well as those clients I work with. I am certain that you have seen products like Whoop which give a lot of info on things like HRV, recovery and strain...and whilst there are some of these features on the connect app, I feel like there is some easy detail we can add to help paint a clearer picture on some of the health elements of what we already collect. A customizable morning questionnaire could help clarify our sleep data (alcohol consumption, screen time, bed sharing, coffee etc before bed) which can give our sleep performance a score out of 100, based on total time, time in sleep stages. This score could also contribute to the body battery. HRV would also be a good data point to see as a consumer, and if it is being collected as part of the body battery score, perhaps we could see it too? Thanks in advance