Can't get Garmin Connect workouts to show in the Apple Health App or Activity App

I have an Edge Touring Plus which I have to connect to my computer to load my rides into the Garmin Express app on my iMac. My rides all show up in the Garmin Connect web page as well as in the Garmin Connect App on my iPhone. I've authorized the Health App on my phone to allow Garmin Connect to write data to the health app for all the categories, but no data shows up in the Health App and none of the workouts have synced to show in Apple's Activity app. I also have the Garmin Connect app connected to MapMyRide, which is in turn connected to Apple's Health app, and that also doesn't work to post the workouts to Apple Health. Has anyone here successfully found a way to get your Garmin Connect data to show up in Apple's Health and Workout Apps? Thanks.
  • I'm having the same problem. My Garmin is connected to Apple Health after some faffing around, and after a ride it synchronises across to Strava fine, but doesn't post anything across into Apple health.

  • Well, I've been pissed by Garmin Connect since I've changed my phone (from iPhone6S to iPhoneXR). The problem is that, my activities won't show up to Strava. No syncing issues between my devices (edge1030 & fenix5X) and the GC apps in my Phone. When tried to manually upload my activities into the web, it would show up to Strava.

    Tried install/uninstall; sign in/out or GC no avail. Need help here!

  • You could try going to the Strava website and Revoke Access to the Garmin Connect app, and then revoke and re-sign in again through the Connect app, if you haven't already tried that.

    The Garmin Connect app is very badly written. It smacks of being outsourced or developed by people that do the bare minimum.  

    I managed to find out how to get Connect to show up in Apple Health Sources from help in the community, as well as how to get those activities to actually post across by a lot of trial and error and some fudges that Garmin Support had no interest in helping me with.  

    It was barely worth it as the HealthKit implementation is very lazy and slapped together. The bare minimum metrics get exported, and cycling distance get sent across as Walking+Running distance, so you have to turn every permission off except the Activities one if you're using Connect with an Edge cycling device.

  •  Could you let me know how you got GC to show up as a source in Apple Health.  It did originally, but I deleted GC and reinstalled it because it wasn't syncing, and when I logged in to the reinstalled GC, it no longer showed up in Apple Health.  Thanks for any insight you can provide. 

  • I have gotten this working.  It works for my running watch (Garmin 935) and my golf watch (Approach S60).  It takes a bit of setup, but not too much.  First, install Garmin Connect and make sure it will synch data with your watch.  Next, go into Apple Health (under Settings on the iPhone) and make sure that Garmin Connect is NOT allowed to write any data to Apple Health.  Next, install the Strava app and create an account.  Then, go into Garmin Connect (then click on ... at the lower right, select Settings, then select Partner Apps and finally select Strava).  There, enable the transfer of data from Garmin Connect to Strava.  Finally, go in to the Strava app (select Profile at the bottom, then click on the settings icon at upper right, then select Applications, Services, and Devices) there you enable the transfer of data from Strava to Apple Health.  When prompted, say yes to transferring all health data from Strava to Apple.

    Once that is all set up, do a workout with you device.  Then open Garmin Connect and sync with the device to get the data on your phone.  Then close Garmin Connect and open the Strava App.  The workout should appear in Strava and although it does not say anything to confirm this, the data should be in Apple Health on your phone too.  Finally, open Apple Activity.  When you first do this after a workout, you should see that the data shows up in the bar charts, but the numbers may not immediately get updated (e.g. you can see there are calories and workout minutes in the bar charts, but the "300 calories out of 500" part won't be updated.  Apple Activity app should catch up and update everything within 5 minutes or so.

    By the way, I think the reason this happens is that although Garmin Connect will write to Apple Health, I think the data is written incorrectly.  When you open the detail data in Apple Health, the calories and workout minutes are recorded, but the data is not timestamped.  I suspect that when Apple Health sees data that is not timestamped properly it ignores it because it can't be sure it's not duplicate data that it received for that same workout from another source.  In any event, going through Strava seems to fix all of that even if it involves another step in the process.

  • Been pulling my hair out about this. GC worked for a while, and then just didn't. When I look at data from GC, it shows nothing since 11/25 even though GC has plenty of rides and runs since then.

    This solution worked great! I did have to go back through the past couple of months to delete the duplicates that now show up from past GC syncs that now have a Strava workout clone, but that was easy, and worth it to fix this going forward.


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