Limitations on smart notifications

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I just received my new Vivoactive 3 and I'm disappointed that you can't manage your smart notifications almost at all on iOS. Some people are saying it's due to Apple and their restricted platform. Well, they might make it more difficult, but many other vendors have options to limit what kind of smart notifications are sent to your smart watch. I talked with Garmin support and they had no idea is this in the roadmap - to enhance smart notifications - because they will hear about new features/changes at the same time as customers.

So, I really hope a developer from Garmin would answer to this.

A one other thing I noticed while testing was a muting a phone call. If someone tries to reach you via phone call, you can't mute the call - only reject it. This page "" says incoming calls muted, not rejected. Of course the page says "potential", but this sounds a very basic feature.

Is this normal behaviour or a bug that could be fixed?

Devices used: iPhone 7 (iOS 11.2.6) and Vivoactive 3 (GCM

Thanks in advance!