Playing Audio Prompts During Your Activity

Those prompts are available for various watches. For example older 245 Music.

Forerunner 245/245 Music Owners Manual - Playing Audio Prompts During Your Activity (

Some general info

Enabling Spoken Audio Prompts in the Garmin Connect App | Garmin Customer Support

Question / Nice to have option

If user invest in watch with Music option her / his intention is most likely to use Bluetooth headphones. And this mean if headphones are off, we agree to not have alerts and announcements.

But I can imagine some of us would prefer to have alerts been heard via phone. I have found this handy during some treadmill exercises when I have forgot my headphones. 

Would it be possible to have setting like this:

Audio Prompts

  • Off
  • Over connected BT Headphones only
  • Over connected phone

It would be nice to have this setting switch via Controls menu.

There was some discussion about similar case two years ago, and solution was in GCM

Audio Alerts Still Given When Set to Off in Android GCM APP - Instinct 2 Series - Wearables - Garmin Forums

Stop audio alerts playing on phone speaker - Forerunner 945 - Running/Multisport - Garmin Forums

What I observe today?

I have setup several different Alerts:

GCM -> More *** -> Garmin Devices -> FR955 -> Audio Prompts

  • Lap Alert (On)
  • Pace/Speed Alert
    • Staus (Off)
  • Heart Rate Alert
    • Status (On)
    • Alert Type (Heart Rate)
    • Alert Frequency (1 min)


GCM -> More *** -> Garmin Devices -> FR955 -> Activities & Apps -> Run (or other like Walk, Treadmill) -> Laps

  • Auto Lap (By Distance)
  • Auto Distance (1 km)
  • Lap Alert
    • Primary Field (Lap Time)
    • Secondary Field (Total Time)
    • Preview <- this one has another interesting problem. See below


When I do activity like strength or even taking Health Snapshot I hear every 1 minute what is my HR. Usually in such case I do not have headphones hence hear this via connected phone.

It is bit annoying to hear my HR when I sit calm and do Breathing exercise

Problem with Preview.

Why this option exists at first place when there is only message that this setting is only available on your FR955? If I cannot preview this on GCM then why to bother me. I believe this is reserved for more expensive Outdoor watches.