My Forerunner 55 won't connect to my phone no matter what I try

When changing phones (yes, I removed the watch from the old phone and turned off the old phone), my Forerunner 55 does not connect with my phone. The app is able to detect my watch and initiate paring (asking android to connect with watch, asking for code, and connecting with watch) but after that, the app says, "Paring Failed". I have tried rebooting the watch and phone, factory resetting both the app and watch, and reinstalling the app. Nothing I have done has worked.

  • Several days later I have the solution for the connection-problem Forerunner-new Samsung telephone. Ik wrote to the helpdesk of Garmin. Two times they gave me suggestions to solve this, but every suggestion did not work. Their third answer was: we are very sorry and we will exchange your watch for a new one. They ask me to send my watch to them an d told me that I first must reset my watch to factory settings, to protect my privacy. In the menu of the watch however  I did not find the item reset tot factory-settings. But I did find the item: delete all (personal) data. Knowing my data are safe in the cloud, I deleted the data. My empty watch lay on that moment on the table near my new phone new phone saw the watch immediately and notified me for that. So: the deletion of all data is the solution. Thank you all for your attention and help.

  • Thank you for the info. I am happy for you that this works now. Regrettable though that these nasty problems occur at all and that Garmin support is unable to help even if there is actually a solution.