Setting alarm from connect app instead of watch


I am pretty sure that when I bought my Fenix 7 about half year ago, I was able to set up alarm in the connect app instead of watch. 

Now, I couldn't find this option! 

Yes, I googled. I found a path. I followed it. And 4 step was impossible to do, that option don't exist in menu. I checked everything that could be connected somehow with alarms, but I didn't find it. Nor in watch settings, nor in app settings.

I have autism, I really need put alarm for things that normal people don't need as a reminder that I have to do something, like eating. 

I need a lot of them and I need to label them, because I will lost myself in this madness of alarms. it is not possible to add custom label from watch and existed ones are pretty useless. 

Alarms in watch are a lot of more convenient than in phone, because it is always with me. 

I missed something? 

Where can I find this option? 

If it is not possible in this moment could you add this option for people like me? I guess it is only software problem. 

Thank you,