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Adding a weigh in, it's giving different weights in stone

So today I added a weigh in as 11 stone 10 pounds. Yet after clicking ok it's showing as 12 stone 10 pounds.

The bmi is the same as my usual 11 stone 10 pounds. 

Is this happening to anyone else? 

Why is it showing a stone more than what I am entering?

  • It's so annoying. It's not happening on every week's log, but it's increased most of them. I'm heavy enough without it adding a stone. I've deleted them all and input them again, and it's still doing it.

  • I spoke to Garmin this afternoon and they asked for my Connect App logs, which I sent them.  They are now aware of this problem with the weights and are looking into finding a solution for it.  They didn't give me a time frame but said they would email me direct if they find a solution.  If I hear back from them with a fix I will share it on here.

  • i have had a long chat with Garmin this morning who said they new nothing about this problem ( + 1 stone ) when uploaded to mobile , i have sent details of phone and photos to show the difference,  i do have 2 identical phones ( Galaxy note 9 ) and one is ok and recorded weights correctly but the other one doesn't very weird. 

  • Does it show the correct weight on the website?

    It could be simply a display error causing it to round incorrectly in the app when it calculates the split between stones and pounds for display, but the underlying value is correct.

    (I'm also British but use metric units throughout.)

  • Same thing this morning, 1 stone heavier on the app.

    The scales themselves and also the Garmin Connect online website is correct, it's only the Garmin Connect app that has an issue.

  • This is also happening to me. I have woken up today and every single weight login is exactly one stone heavier. Current and all historical weights.
    However this is only on the Garmin Connect Android App. If I check my Garmin account online on the web version on my desktop, all the weights are accurate. It is only the App where they have all increased by 1 stone.

  • I've reported this direct to Garmin via the contact on the Google Play Store. Looks as though the app was updated 3 days ago, so I think while fixing other issues they have possibly mistakenly caused another bug. I believe it'll be fixed in the coming week or so. 

  • It looks like a rounding error.

    If the pounds part is less than 7, does it round up the stones value?

    eg. Is 11 st 6 lb displayed as 12 st 6 lb?

    If it's displayed correctly, someone's used round() instead of trunc() [or its equivalent].

  • Every weight I have entered in the last year as a stone added. Ever since the upgrade. 

  • I'm seeing the same sadly. 

    I bought a Garmin Index S2 Smart Scales a few weeks ago to weigh myself daily and automatically enter that info to Garmin Connect. It also gets activity and health data from my Fenix 7X Solar before sharing all of that with the MyNetDiary app where I log all the food I eat so it can work out how many calories I have available in order to maintain my weight.

    For the last few weeks all had been good, including my morning weigh in first thing today of 11 stone 13 pounds which synced correctly from the Scales to Garmin Connect. Several hours later, around mid afternoon I think, it was still showing correctly.

    This evening I noticed the calories i had available in MyNetDiary dropped suddenly.  When I looked in Connect I noticed that this mornings weigh in had increased by 1 stone to 12 stone 13 pounds. As I looked through previous weigh ins I noticed many historical weigh ins had also gained 1 stone.

    I've also spotted that Garmin Connect had increased my weight goal by a stone too, HOWEVER, when I click to edit it, it still shows the original 11 stone 8 pounds. If I click save it status at 12 stone 8 pounds. If I edit it, it always saves 1 stone above!!

    On the connect website my data looks OK.

    Interestingly it looks like my phone installed an update to the Garmin Connect app yesterday..... surely not coincidence? 

    My guess is that Garmin must have done something wrong in that update for so many of us to have this issue at the exact same time?!