I watched my step count decrease in the Connect app when my watch synced after dying, then was charged.

So after a run with my watch (Vivoactive 3 HR), I made sure the activity and the steps were correct in the Connect app, I synced my second watch (Lily) and proceeded to go about my day. Sometime while wearing the Lily, I hit my step goal for the day. Sometime after that, my Lily died. I charged it, and after it charged I saw that the steps on the Connect app showed that I was still below my step goal by about 100 steps. Okay, no problem, maybe the watch (Lily) had not synced I after I had reached my step goal earlier.

So I synced the watch (Lily) , and watched the Connect app proceed to drop 200 more steps. This syncing process is something I do everyday, as I get in a workout in the morning with my Vivoactive 3, sync it to the app, make sure the Lily is synced and then wear that watch to work for the rest of the day. It usually works.

But this dropping steps business today is for the birds. Is there no logic in the syncing process that would say that steps should not be deleted, and maybe even added together? 

Has anyone else had this experience, and is there a way to avoid it in the future?