Coach Workouts Warm-Up and Cool-Down Steps Broken

Hi Garmin Team,

My workouts using the Coach feature does not appropriately create the workout steps: Warm-Ups and Cool-Downs are still classified as Run. There is a similar forum post on the Garmin Connect IOS page for this exact issue, which seems to be locked without a clear resolution.

My wife (on an Apple IOS) and I (on a Samsung Android) both got our Forerunner 245 two weeks ago and are both using Coach Amy to train for a half-marathon. Her workouts appropriately segment the warm up, run, and cool down separately, while mine only shows Run for each segment. I've attached a screenshot to show this and how it must be in error of how the program generates the workout; as you can see there is a warm-up, run, and cool down step in the description and segments, but each is getting the 'Run' category applied.

We're really enjoying our Garmin, but I would like to be able to get my post-run stats broken down by warm-up and cool-downs as well as runs. Please let me know if there is a patch to fix this issue, or if there was a fix on the IOS version that didn't make it over to the Android build.