Intensity Minutes and Steps daily timelines failing to show properly (but in different ways)

I have a Venu Sq. Today the Connect app is showing 51 intensity minutes and has been since I got those minutes in the first place. But on the daily timeline graph, it shows 31 minutes as being from the time I did the actual exercise, while the rest are always within the last fifteen minutes (even when I've been sitting still), whether that was at 12:00 or 15:00.

I'm having a different problem with my Steps daily timeline graph. While the full step count is right, the graph seems to have just stopped updating after my exercise several hours ago. It also shows all the steps done in one big chunk which isn't how it was done.

I've done the software update, synced the device, reconnected it, restarted it...anybody else having the same problem? Has anybody managed to fix it?