Suggested Connections

How do you get rid of Suggested Connections that appear in the News Feed?
Or do you have to continually use the X to remove each one.

  • I posted the same issue in another forum but Garmin locked the topic and reffered to this topic (they said discussion although there is no discussion obviously here). Topic that I raised is here:

    Instead of providing solution, garmin staff plays around the issue and hope users will forget about it.

    I consider this a privacy issue and will not let it go since I do not appreciate my data shared to unknown people without my consent.

    I reported this to garmin forum and garmin product support, and still did not receive answer from Garmin on how to disable this. 

    Can we get official position on this topic from Garmin please?

  • Yes got the same with ios, there is not topic or thread, they do want us to forget and move on but am not happy with this. Garmin please do something about this 

  • Garmin, what is the official reply to this privacy issue - of users appearing to other users as suggested connections without their consent?