Edited sleep time not saving on first try

Is this a known issue? Does anyone else have this issue? I couldn't find it in a search of previous posts.

When I wake up I usually lie in bed for a minute or two before sitting up and becoming active. My watch (Venu 2) picks up on the movement, because it shows my movement shooting up in those couple of minutes, but it still shows me as asleep for that minute or two while I'm still lying in bed. That's not ideal, but it shouldn't be a big deal, because I can easily just edit my sleep time to show that I woke up at 5:30AM, not 5:31AM, for example, right? Well, when I do that, it doesn't save. At first the edit appears to take and it adjusts everything in my sleep stats accordingly. But when I check back later, it shows my wake up time as 5:31AM again.

I wouldn't worry about a minute or two if it didn't affect my sleep score, but it does. That 1-2 minutes of movement after I wake up usually pushes my sleep score down a point or two as well. Sometimes I'll look back several days and notice that previous days have reset back to the original time, too.