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Repeated bluetooth pairing codes after disconnecting watch

As a lot of people allready reported there is an issue with Android Phone/Garmin Connect App and some Garmin Watches.

My Venu 2 Plus does not automatically reconnect to the phone after leaving bluetooh range OR manually disabling bluetooth on the phone. This apperas every day since i got the watch. Maybe in 2 of 10 cases the watch will automatically reconnect. But may this is only a feeling as i dont know when the watch was loosing connection or not.

I own a Fenix 6 Plus and a Venu 2 Plus. Both connected to a single Samsung A41 Android 11 with Garmin Connect. No other devices (except Samsung buds 2) are connected to the watch. Fenix 6 Plus working fine.

When watch is getting back in bluetooth range or bluetooth is enabled on the phone i have to input the paring code displayed on the watch. Except the issue that i have to manually input the code is that the phone will message the input nearly EVERY minute. Even when locked it will going crazy.

Please respond in the below format if you'd like to be added to that case.

  1. Yes, I would like to be added to that case.
  2. You have my permission to access my account, if needed.
  3. Yes, you have my permission to email me.
  • I have had this problem and also have only on three occasions been able to pair and sync my Venu Sq. Once connected no data can be transferred back to the device, the screen in the app freezes and will not connect again when I close the app to get out of the device, to free up my mobile device. The constant pinging of the security pin number continues after I close the gap. Am awaiting to hear from Garmin since logging my issues, do they contact you back? I have upgraded from my old Vivoactive and never had any issues. This is an issue that needs addressing.


  • I  have found that I have had a better experience when I telephone them.  I am in Australia.  Still waiting for a reply to an email sent last week. 

  • Thanks. Yes I phoned first. Later logged issue via email, however I haven't heard back. Will wait a week before trying again. If they could just lead you to a possible solution ie software, phone or device would be helpful. I suspect that it is buggy software as I can't  pair or sometimes find my old vivoactive after I removed it. Please keep me informed of any updates or solutions.

  • Hi, 

    I'm not sure if this is helpful or not. As you know I've been added to the case, been having problems since Christmas. Last week for about 3 or 4 days, the watch and phone were working perfectly, it was bliss. 

    But then the watch has gone back to its old tricks and is often in waiting for phone mode. I've tried again to unpair and then set up again, but no luck. 


  • A: yes
    B: yes
    c: yes

    Samsung S10 / Android 12

    GC Connect 4.51.1

    Venu, Vivoactive 3

    both will connect only after Mobile reboot, shut down BT does not affect this

  • Come on Garmin help us and get the problems out. Make an update and let us use or devises without getting frustrated. What a bad support! My sympathy to Garmin is poor right now. The problems started arround Christmas. 

  • I agree.  Very poor service being provided.  I  can't even get a response to my emails. 

  • My Vivoactive 4S keeps disconnecting and giving me the pairing code.  It used to work just fine and all of a sudden this pairing problem.  I have tried resetting both phone and watch.  I've restarted I have done everything except tip the watch in the bin.  This is ridiculous I used to love my Garmin watches.  I have 3 my son has 2 and my hubby also 2.  As you can see we are big fans of Garmin watches.  At this point I won't recommend a Garmin watch to anybody

  • My watch connected to Bluetooth by itself when I walked inside this morning and hasn't disconnected again yet. I  even received some notifications!!. Fingers crossed that Garmin have finally solved the problem.