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Repeated bluetooth pairing codes after disconnecting watch

As a lot of people allready reported there is an issue with Android Phone/Garmin Connect App and some Garmin Watches.

My Venu 2 Plus does not automatically reconnect to the phone after leaving bluetooh range OR manually disabling bluetooth on the phone. This apperas every day since i got the watch. Maybe in 2 of 10 cases the watch will automatically reconnect. But may this is only a feeling as i dont know when the watch was loosing connection or not.

I own a Fenix 6 Plus and a Venu 2 Plus. Both connected to a single Samsung A41 Android 11 with Garmin Connect. No other devices (except Samsung buds 2) are connected to the watch. Fenix 6 Plus working fine.

When watch is getting back in bluetooth range or bluetooth is enabled on the phone i have to input the paring code displayed on the watch. Except the issue that i have to manually input the code is that the phone will message the input nearly EVERY minute. Even when locked it will going crazy.

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