App notifications get changed or reversed

I have app notifications to my watch turned on for only a few apps - text, calendar, Slack, etc. Every once in a while (today being one), it will reverse and notify my watch for apps that are not selected and not notify for the ones that are selected. I cannot figure out what causes this, but it isn't related to Connect app updates.

When it happens, a phone reboot and watch reboot does not fix it. Here is how I fix it:

- Turn off all app notifications

- Reboot phone

- turn notifications on for the apps I want to notify my watch

Relevant info: Pixel 5 all up to date, Connect v4.42, Vivoactive 4 v5.80

  • This happened again this morning. I have updated my ticket with Garmin.

  • Update: Garmin support thinks this is a conflict with notification settings in the Garmin Golf app. I did not even know there were notification settings in the golf app.

    The solution - workaround is a better description - is to make sure the settings are the same in both apps.

  • I have similar occurring and have had for a long time, years really. I never know what causes it or what fixes it though I suspect it is when an app is installed or updated on the phone, notification is enabled. I notice this whenever a new app is installed, it is enabled by default for notifications.

    I don't have the golf app installed so it can't be that.

    Like you I limit the notifications, well only to the SMS app actually, but on a regular basis I start getting all sorts of notifications. Happening right now actually where I get notifications on my watch from applications that are clearly disabled in GCM.

    I have images showing the watch notification and how that app is disabled in GCM, but inserting images is a PITA on this forum.

  • Interesting…more data. I have noticed that new apps are ‘on’ by default and I did just install a new app. I hadn’t correlated the flip with an app install, but will watch closer. Thanks!

  • Thanks for the workaround.

    I too have been having issues with the notifications - a small percentage of the time notifications work, meaning I get notifications for the applications I've enable notifications for. Most of the time I get notifications for every app, which monumentally annoying. Garmin developers have actually been in contact with me to try to figure out the problem. I've been on the phone with a developer a couple of times and supplied many logs.  I think they have since given up. (I have a Pixel 3a.)