Edit a duplicate course (reverse it)

Hi All, 

I have a course in my connect account, downloaded it to my edge 530, I've ridden it - all good. 

After I have completed it, stopped, had a few beers, I want to reverse it.

I can edit it in mandroid connect app and there is a 3 option edit along the bottom of the map to add points and remove points and a menu that includes reverse - all good.

I really want to keep that course, So I duplicate it.  Go back select the copy, select edit - but now the 3 option edit has disappeared, I can rename the duplicated course with the swipeup but there is no option to actually edit a duplicated course on the mandroid app.  

This all works OK on the PC web interface, and the mobile web interface is so knobbled you can't do much at all - it's the mandroid app that is there to do this and it doesn't work :(

I wasn't planning to take a laptop touring.

Looks like a bug to me?

- Matthew