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Can sleep tracking record more than 1 period of sleep in a 24hr period?

My fenix 5 plus only records the 3 hours of sleep I get during a normal night period and doesn't record the second period of sleep I get in the day which is normally also between 3-4 hours long. Is there a setting I can change to allow both periods to be recorded?

  • Try changing the start and end of the Sleep Time parameter in the device settings to cover all day (i.e. 0:00 - 23:59). Not sure whether it helps with multiple periods of sleep, but it does help if your sleep time is irregular (i.e. at shift workers).

  • Thank you for the advise, I'll give that a go

  • Unfortunately changing the sleep parameters didn't record a second period of sleep during the day Pensive

  • Garmin Connect does not support more than one sleep per day.

  • This is such ludicrous. I just got my first Garmin watch (5th lifetime Garmin product) and honestly this is the biggest reason I would not recommend it to a friend looking for a personal health wearable.  This is such  low hanging fruit for Garmin to correct.  Somebody should get fired for it not being fixed after X years....

  • What happens to meis that I tend to fall asleep in front of the TV. Then I wake up and get into bed. Typically, sleep tracking doesn't recognize it and only picks up one of the segments. What I do is extend the hours I sleep to include both. The result is that I pick up all my sleep hours but with a large awake period in the middle.

    Even with that, I'm not a big fan of the sleep tracking results I get.