Garmin Connect and Strength Training

When I go to the gym I will usually start on the treadmill as a warmup.  No issue here as I just select 'Treadmill' on my 4S and away I go.  Once I'm done things get synced to the Connect app, again no issues there.  All the info I would expect is there.  The problem starts when I go to the weights unless I am just completely missing something.

I choose 'Strength Training' from the activities on my 4S.  But no way of selecting exactly what I will be doing.  So I do my reps and sets (usually correct the # of reps and provide how much weight each time), end the activity when I am done, then go into the Connect app once the activity syncs and manually set what the exercise I just did for every set.

  1. Is there a way to select the exercise prior to actually doing it?  I know you can make custom workouts sync them to your device, but my gym is usually pretty busy and I don't like waiting around if a station is being used by someone so my workouts don't usually go as I planned before walking in there.  
  2. In the Connect app anything that I have chosen 'Strength Training' for shows up listed as 'Strength' with the number of sets done for that activity.  I have no idea what is was for unless I click on each activity.  I usually do 6 to 8 exercises after the treadmill when I go to the gym.  That list is pretty useless when all it says is Strength, Strength, Strength.......  Is there anyway for the activity cards to list the actual exercise or show info that is actually useful?
  3. I also have found no way to see a 'history' of individual exercises.  For instance, being able to see the reps, sets, and weight for 'Squats' would be very useful to measure progress and set goals.  Again all that info is hidden behind activity cards that just show 'Strength'.  On the desktop version of the Connect app this is sorta there.  Doesn't exist on the mobile app.

If anybody has any insights to these questions I would appreciate it.