Solved: Huawei Push Notifications

It is commonly known, that newer Huawei devices got issues with Connect Mobile.
The battery saving tools are killing the background process and Notifications are not being pushed to the watch anymore.

There is an option to exclude the Android battery saving mode:

Settings -> Apps & Notifications -> Apps -> Settings (Icon below) -> Special access -> Ignore Battery optimization -> Change "Allowed" to "All" to see Connect Mobile -> Tap & change

which not entirely work for Huawai devices.

But there is another thing, you can do! You can "Lock" the app from being killed in the Task-view:
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This helped me and the Notifications are being pushed since a whole day without opening Connect Mobile manually.

  • No entiendo que pasa con la aplicación de Garmin Connect, pero que lleguen las notificaciones y a los 2 días dejen de llegar me parece u. Fallo muy grande para lo que cuesta el GARMIN 945.... He probado de todo y no he conseguido que me lleguen las notificaciones.

    Garmin connect me pide permiso para seguir vinculada mientras se ejecuta en segundo plano y no soy capaz de solucionarlo.

    Estoy muy decepcionado con Garmin. Con POLAR nunca tuve estosproblemas

  • Estoy muy decepcionado con Garmin. Con POLAR nunca tuve estosproblemas

    Maybe you had a different phone or different OS version, or different settings. The problem is not with the watch. The problem is that the phone cuts the Bluetooth connection for some reason. At Huawei phone it is for example very often due to battery saving options. But there are also other possible reasons. Read more about it in  the troubleshooting guide

  • This is so frustrating. I have been using a forerunner 935 with my Huawei mate 20 pro. Notifications were working perfectly two days ago and now they have randomly just stopped and can't get them back. I have been troubleshooting every avenue to no avail. It even says on the watch it is connected to the phone but then on GC it says it isn't. It all does show the weather update on the watch but nothing else. 

  • Your phone sometime just need a restart.
    This also helps me to get rid of the annoying "GC needs permissions to run in the background"-notification.
    Funny thing is: Even if the message above is shown, I get all notifications on my watch and activities are being transfered asap.

  • Desperate... Huawei P30 Lite and Garmin Edge 830. Connecting perfectly, showing incoming calls... But not receiving or being able to send any text messages. Anyone a fix for this problem? Emui 10.0.0

  • Anyone a fix for this problem?

    I don't, but can try to help anyway. What happnes when the SMS (or call) notification pops up on the watch and you press the enter button? Do you get the screen with answer options or not? If not, then you may need to define the answers in GC Mobile - tap the device icon at the top, and then tap Text Responses, and activate or edit them as needed for both the call, and SMS replies.

    If you get the choice of answers on your watch, but the selected answer is not being sent by the phone, then the app possibly does not have the permissions to send SMS.

  • Thnx for the help.

    Ik get the choice of answers, but nothing is sent. Also think there has to be a problem with permissions. As far as I can see all permissions are granted though. Repeated the steps suggested by Garmin several times. Maybe American and Chinese tech just won't cooperate.

  • Unfortunatelly Huawei uses plenty of non standard settings and Android extensions, so it is often dificult to make it do what you need, and what normally works without hitches with most other Android phones. Try googling terms like "huawei sms messages" or similar - I see there are plenty of documents, but did not have the time to read through them.

  • From Huawei support I basically got the answer that it won't work. They point to Garmin of course and even sent me some links to the Garmin support Pages. So I'll continue the search. Last resort willGrin be to retire the Huawei. Because my Garmin is staying GrinGrin

  • Hoe ver grendel je hem? Kan het niet vinden of lukt mij niet.

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