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Waypoints Missing

I just upgraded my phone and tablet to iOS 12. I have used the Earthmate app exclusively for many years. I have a number of tracks and waypoints that I can see and manage through the explore web portal. However, nothing shows now on my iOS 12 devices. I have reconnected and re-synced. App shows it has syced. But, no wapoints or tracks show. I create a new waypoint in the web portal, still no sync with the app. I can create a new waypoint in the app. It won't display in the app, but it does show up on the web portal. I have deleted the app, flushed everything known to man and reinstalled. No luck. Same problems. This has REALLY messed up my hunting season. I create tracks and waypoints on the web portal and sync to my Earthmate app as well as my Rhino 750, Fenix 5 and BaseCamp Windows app and between all these devices as they are used. The primary device is the app on my cell phone and I need it to work. Any ideas???
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