What the heck happened to Earthmate?

Does anyone at Garmin even look at their product? Does the development team have no accountability? The Android app lost alot of it's features over a year ago, and is almost useless for navigating now. It took away the ability to filter out old routes/tracks, so I just see one giant map of overlapping trips.

Also, I can no longer just export a single track or route from the online page, it sends my entire library every time.

I'm sure I'm just shouting into the wind here, because I doubt anyone is reading these posts. Except potential buyers, maybe.

  • I can’t speak directly to Android. On the iOS version, the clutter is caused by the lines representing logged points. Counterintuitively, turning the corresponding sent tracks off from the History screen does not hide the corresponding logged track lines. The only way to get rid of those is to clear the log.

    Warning: The following actually clears the logged points from the device as well as the app. Be sure that you have sync-d all the data you want to keep on the web site before you do this. Go to the Tracking screen. On iOS, there is an icon in the upper right corner. Location might be different on Android. Tap there, select the Clear option, and confirm if asked. You can also clear the log from the device. Directions vary depending on the device.

    As far as export from the web site goes, use the date/time filters and message type filters to control what gets exported. This has not changed recently. There is a reminder in the pop-up that appears when you click the export button.