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Messages sent (and billed) multiple times

I have serious issue with many of my messages from Earthmate App being sent multiple times from my inReach MINI. While the message gets transferred successfully by the device on the first try, Earthmate doesn't think it did, and it shows loading icon next to the message. This will eventually result in the message being resent again, sometimes many hours after it was originally supposed to go out. And it's serious because I am being charged for those duplicate messages that I did not want to send in the first place. As far as I can tell, this issue is not present on messages sent directly from the device, but obviously I don't want to compose my messages on the tiny screen. An example is the screenshot in attachment. Ignore the language and you can clearly see the same message was sent three times. I was also charged for three messages instead of one intended (I cross-referenced all the messages from my billing statement on the day, so I clearly now this is the case). All messages show the same time in the web interface, but in fact they were sent about an hour and hour and twenty minutes after initial message.

I also have issue with not getting new messages from the device in the App on my phone on many occasions, which may be related. Disabling and enabling bluetooth always fixes this, but it may also cause the messages being resent. Anybody else experiencing these issues? Any ideas?
  • I have seen similar behavior with the interface between the Mini and Fenix watches. The Fenix is only capable of sending preset messages, but you do sometimes see the same message sent repeatedly.

    I have no experience the Android app since I use an iPhone.

    I would hope that Garmin would credit your account if you complain. They're probably aware of the issue, but a call to tech support to report the problem never hurts.

    Edited to add: Do note that it's supposed to be a safety device. Erring on the side of multiple transmissions when the transmission is in doubt is probably the right thing to do.