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Earthmate automatically activates tracking

I disabled tracking on my SE+ prior to downgrading to a Safety plan. However the tracking continued and I was charged. My only explanation is that when I connected the Earthmate app back to my InReach, the original settings in the app overrode the disabled tracking on the unit, and the tracking was reactivated. Surely Garmin can check a time stamp as to where the latest changes were made, and act accordingly? If Garmin is not prepared to do this, then they need to warn subscribers about this.
  • I had a similar problem. Each time I would sync my Explorer+ with the web account my tracking setting of "Off" would get reset to "10 min". After some back-and-forth with help desk, Garmin sent me a new replacement unit, which fixed the problem. (BTW I also discovered that the old unit was not updating firmware since April 2018, prob. part of the cause)

    If you're still having this issue open a ticket.