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Route colors

I was really happy to see that the route editor on the Inreach map page online was upgraded to allow for 18 different route colors (from 4), but Earthmate still seems to be limited to 4. Is there an Earthmate upgrade coming soon? Or is there a way to force my Earthmate app to display all the colors on my map page online some other way?

  • I have the exact same question. I spent a bunch of time coloring my tracks for different OHV uses only to see the colors limited in Earthmate.
  • I opened a support chat with Garmin and chatted with Jessica, who was very helpful. She confirmed that the Explore portal site recently went through some upgrades and it appeared that Earthmate just hasn't been updated yet:

    Thank you for waiting, ok so I found out that we have heard some buzz around this as well so to get a more concrete answer on if the Earthmate app will reflect the same eventually, I am going to create a case to reach out to our tier 3 support.

    She said she would email me within the next few days when she gets a more concrete answer. I'll post here what I find out.
  • Jessica sent an email today -- sounds like they might be adding additional route colors for Earthmate in a "possible future release", so it's something, at least:

    We chatted yesterday regarding the Earthmate application and additional route color options.

    I was advised by our tier 3 support team that: we are making improvements to the Earthmate application, and that could be a possible future release.

    The feedback has been escalated to the appropriate channels for consideration. As we discussed yesterday, I would imagine that since the colors have been made available on the website, that they will hopefully eventually make their way over to the application too. Most of the time this is the case, especially for small changes like this. Either way, keep an eye out for an update to the application!
  • How were you able to get support. Every time I try to online chat, I'm given a message that there are is no one online. I have sent email for support but have not received any reply.
    Really annoyed. I haven't been able to save any date for 8 months.
  • Went to support center, selected Inreach Explorer as my product, Earthmate as the topic, then clicked on "contact us for more help" and clicked chat. I guess I got lucky.