Countdown widget

Hello everyone,

I am looking for a widget which allows me to set an reading time objectif in each day. Let say I want to read 1h in a day. Every time I start to read, I start the countdown at 60 minutes. After 20 minutes, I stop reading at 40 minuntes countdown time. Later in the day, I restart the widget at 40 minutes and repeat... In the end of the day, I can see if I get the 60m reading objectif or not.

An incremental timer is OK too.

Is there a widget allowing me to do that with the least number of button pressing and without draining battery too much ? Ideally, I just have to press Down (button) to the widget, press Start to start countdown/timer; again for temporarily stop countdown/timer until start again later in the day. Moreover, the countdown time should reset in the start of the next day.

I have a Forerunner 245.

Thank you,