Not all ActiveCaptain data shows up on Garmin MFDs

Marinas and anchorages are displayed correctly on Garmin´s chartplotters/MFDs, including all data fields and reviews. But bridges, trailer ramps and locks are incomplete: Some data fields and comments are missing on Garmin MFDs while they show up correctly on ActiveCaptain mobile app or Navionics boating app.


Trailer Ramp at 49° 59.643' N,8° 17.007' E includes a comment, which does shows up correctly on mobile apps but not on Garmin MFDs.

Bridge at 49° 59.721' N, 8° 16.986' E includes "navigational notes", which are also missing on Garmin MFDs.

I reported this bug to Garmin customer service again and again for more than a year. But it is still not fixed.

Please owners of Garmin chartplotters: do not hesitate to report the bug to Garmin customer service to increase priority.