Active Captain Markers

I have been a user of Active Captain for many years, using it to find potential marinas and anchorages and bridge information.  I find it frustrating that many of the symbols have been used incorrectly because there is no appropriate symbol for what is being marked.  One prime example is "free docks or walls".  Many times, these have been given a "anchorage" symbol, but obviously, a dock or wall is not an "anchorage".  It would seem that a free dock or wall is closer to a "marina", yet that's not really correct because free docks or walls typically don't have power and water available, nor do the have heads and showers.

Another problem is restaurants.  Even though the Active Captain instructions say that it is not to be used for restaurants, many restaurants are shown with "marina" markers if they have a dock even though one can't stay there over night.

What I am suggesting is, Active Captain should have more categories and markers available so that free walls and docks could have their own marker and restaurants could have their own markers.