Training schedule only loads partially to Forerunner 620

Hi everybody,

I m having issues loading my Marathon schedule to my watch. I ve been on the Phone to Garmin support 3 times already. None of the trouble shooting worked.

On my connect and mobile app, the plan is all scheduled but my watch only has random runs on the training plan. Some of them appear randomly in the workout instead in the training schedule.

Disconnected the device from express, deleted connections, I even did a master reset on my watch.Nothing worked.

I m using Mac OSX 10.15, Garmin express and Garmin connect mob on iPhone 11pro.

Everytime i sync the device, I have different runs on it but never all of them. This week I have 4 runs scheduled but its only showing 2 of them.

Support team is always friendly and tells me to reply to emails I am getting so the same person is on the thread but really, I never hear anything back. The last time, I was supposed to receive an email which I still havent got.

I really appreciate some help here.