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Latest express update --> Not Syncing

I just updated express to the latest version.

now it doesn't sync. Even when clicking the sync button, it doesn't do anything.

Needs repair fast.

  • What specific device are you attempting to synch?

  • It's a 910xt. But the problem lies on the express. Was syncing before the update. I clicked on the "Sync" button and the program did something. After the update, the program is responseless.

  • I'm having the exact same problem with a 310XT.  The "Sync" button does nothing when clicked, and I've tried removing the device and now Express is refusing to find it when I search for it again.  Very frustrating.  A driver un/re-install hasn't fixed it.

  • Yes, indeed.

    It is frustrating to say the least. I think the very least Garmin should do is to verify their updates do not mess things up befor releasing them...


  • I am having the exact same issue and tried what you did. I called customer support and they don’t support the 310xt and only wanted to talk about upgrades. I wonder if their update intentionally doesn’t work with older models?

  • I did a full reinstall of Garmin Express and it seems to be working now. I've no idea why that fixes it when an update broke it.

  • Saw this and decided to pull the old 310XT out of my drawer and give it a go. It wasn't a simple process, but here's what worked.

    • Charge 310XT to 100%
    • Reset 310XT to factory defaults
    • Verify that "data transfer" and "pairing" are enabled
    • Uninstall Garmin Express (check the box to remove all files)
    • Restart computer
    • Download latest GE from Garmin's webste
    • Install GE (as administrator)
    • After 5 minutes, the ANT+ stick and device were recognized

  • Wow.

    Indeed a very long and tedoius procedure which shouldn't have to be implemented if garmin people didn't screw-up express with the unnecessary update.

    Such a waste of time and effort.

  • Probably would have worked just by reinstalling GE. About a 5 minute process. I suppose I was too lazy to do the incremental troubleshooting. Also, assumed my 310XT would be a bit grumpy after being awoken from the dead in its advanced age (14 years).Older man