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Garmin Express Version now available

I installed new version and seems everything is working ok now.


  • It auto-starts with Windows, even if the setting says not to.  It is a bug.

  • With windows 10 home 22H2 mine does not auto start. In fact this is the first time I did not have to take check mark off of let garmin express run in the background. No bug here on my pc. And I also plugged in one of my garmin   units into my pc and it did not auto start express. I had to click on express icon to see my unit on in express..

  • That's my experience too, working fine

  • Thanks for the feedback. I found that it is a windows 10 issue (Windows 10 Home 22H2). With the version of Express I had to go to Win 10 All Settings, Apps, Startup and change the setting of Garmin Express from 'on' to 'off'. This was not necessary on the previous version of Express, as its own setting (untick "Alwas keep Garmin Express running in the background") did the trick without the need for drilling into Windows 10 settings.

  • I'm on the same W10 system and worked from the getgo

  • I installed and it failed to recognize my Vivofit so I could not sync. Ant stick was recognized. I reverted to and the Vivofit syncs.