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V7.17 update problem

When I attempt to update Garmin Express Windows to v7.17, using "check for update" in the app, I'm told "you're up to date".  Currently running v7.16.3.  I waited a day and tried again with same results.  This never happened to me before and wondered if others have similar problem.  No big deal as I can wait for the dust to settle if there is a problem on Garmin's end.  

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  • Some people at POI GE update are reporting they don't get the update notification.  One individual evens suggests that there may be an issue with  v7.17.0.0 and Garmin pulled it back.  I just downloaded the installer version direct from the Garmin webpage and when checking the properties it reports GE So the speculation about there possibility being an issue and Garmin "pulling" version back may have some validity. 

    As a point of interest, I have a 2nd PC running Win 10, and it also says I'm up to date with v7.16.3.0.

  • I think I'll wait for the dust to settle on Garmin's end.  Thanks for the reply.   

  • I believe I have confirmed that v7.17.0.0 has been pulled.  On 2023/05/24 at 7:23 PM EST I downloaded v7.17.0.0 from the Garmin Express download website.  Just now, 2023/05/26 at 7:06 PM EST I did the download again and received v7.16.3.0.

    I have already installed v7.17.0.0 and have confirmed that it recognizes my zūmo XT and that the 'install map to PC' option exists.  I have not done anything else.  Whatever the problem is, I hope it doesn't bite me in the you-know-where.