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Garmin Express with wrong Maps

I have a zümo 350 with the maps "Europa".
When I update the maps to version UTN 2023.1 Express installs only "Zentral- und Osteuropa".
I miss teh maps of England, Ireland, Norge, Sweden ... It is only the half size. 

  • This has been reported on numerous forums, clearly an issue with 7.13.1 and Zumo devices which hopefully Garmin will resolve shortly.

  • I think I got the same update today.  The full European map got replaced with only "City Navigator Central & Eastern Europe" 2023.1.

    I also have a Zumo 350.

    Let me know if you find a fix.

  • It's not just 7.13.1. I also "updated" my Zumo 350LM yesterday currently having City Navigator Europe NTU 2022.1 on it using Garmin Express because I was offered City Navigator Europe NTU 2023.1 and I wanted fresh maps for the summer. After the update it turns out I now only have Central and East Europe 2023.10 like many other have reported. My older full Europe map disappeared from my device.

    Garmin please fixed this ASAP, vacation season is quickly approaching and this ruined vacation plans for many of us when we suddenly no longer have the maps that we have paid for (and lifetime updates) which we need for our upcoming roadtrips...

  • Exactly same problem here also. I'm running an older Garmin Express ( so it's not related only to 7.13.1 as someone suggested.

  • Hi there. I have the same problem with my Zumo 390. After Update via Garmin Express only "City Navigator Central & Eastern Europe" 2023.1 is left on the device. What I wanted is Western Europe.

    Now my question: Has anyone opened a dedicated Support Ticket at Garmin Helpdesk? Writing such problems in a forum is nice for people browsing the i-net for that specific problem, but Garmin might not be aware of that problem, and how urgent it is for us.

  • @8049775

    I suggest you go to the Garmin Support pages and open case with them.  I did yesterday and it seems they can't even read this forum so it's only of value to users like us.
    If they add you to an pre existing problem then I suggest getting a reference for the pre existing problem, I regret not doing that.

  • @3753893 I opened a support case with Garmin Support yesterday. You have to go through the usual, turn it off turn it on again, update to latest software etc, then they said they added me to an already open investigation but you never really know with these support guys. They also ask you to send them log files from your computer.
    I think it is best for everyone to open a case.
    Everything I have seen indicates a Zumo specific problem.

  • I also wrote a ticket to the Garmin Support. Answering the ticket could take 3-5 days, which is a nightmare. The chat function is currently not available... 

    If it takes to long I'm thinking of buying and TomTom Rider and never come back to Garmin. That's rediculous...

  • I used the Chat function around 2pm UTC.  There was a lot of back and forth so email would not have worked.

    I sense your frustration but I can tell you that Tom Tom also release updates without testing properly, it's not just Garmin.

  • Yes, you are right. The chat function was also my first choice, but there is no agent available. Perhaps I try it again later.

    Might be that TomTom has some problems too, but my Garmin is now just a paperweight for me (I need the detailed map of France). If I go to the store and buy a TomTom, it will work for my upcoming trip. That's all what counts for me at the moment.