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GARMIN - WAKE UP! All Massachusetts Exit Numbers Have Changed on Highways

I am patently furious at Garmin, having taken the time last month to advise them of the below via voice which is just a 'bit' important but as of this writing after a Map update no changes have been made.

These highways include though not limited to:

Route 90 (the Mass Turnpike, running East and West from Boston to NY State)

Route 3 (To / From Boston, the Cape)

Route 93 (To / From Boston)

Route 95 (To / From Boston, Rockport, Gloucester)

Route 128  (To / From Boston, Rockport, Gloucester)

Route 495 (Connects to Route 93, Route 495)

Route 2 (To / From Boston)

These are major arteries within the State of Massachusetts. Your software may say "Take Exit 36" which is perhaps now Exit 104. Anyone travelling from out of State is screwed trying to navigate their way around.

  • I don't know what this has to do with Garmin Express and I doubt anyone from Garmin will see this. This is a user-to-user support forum where forum members come for mutual help. Have you tried contacting them through official support channels starting with the support site

  • Thank you for the response. Yes I have contacted them through conventional channels but it is falling on deaf ears. I figured that sooner or later Garmin would stumble upon this and maybe do something about it. We are talking an entire State! Lacking all else, the more people that read it the more people will know that if they drive into Massachusetts they may as well toss their GPS out the window because every exit on every major highway has changed. That is literal, btw. Every single one on at least a dozen highways and major arteries.



  • Not really, you don't need the numbers to follow your route. This is a map issue so try reporting this to HERE, which is the name of the company that supply the maps to Garmin.

    Your ire would also be better directed at the State authorities who clearly haven't passed those changes to the various mapping companies.