GPSMAP 7215 AND VSA001R Map SD Card not working

I have purchased the map VSA001R to use with my GPSMAP 7215 (Serial number 3855340629) thourgh download to a SD Card. I have already downloaded the file to the SD card through the Garmin Express twice. I connect the SD card to the GPSMAP already turned on. The map is not displayed in the Plotter and no error message is shown. When using the SD card with the VSA001R map, I only see the built in map in the Plotter (US Costal 2012). When I connect the previous SD Card (with South America older map), it loads correctly. I don't know what I am missing to be sure the map works correctly. Any support is welcome.

  • I was informed by Garmin that my device is not compatible with the G3 Vision, which I have bought. I have checked on the Support website, and located the GPSMAP 72XX series as compatible. So Am I getting something wrong? Because my understanding is that it shoud be compatible.