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Garmin Express does not recognize my Nüvi 2460's sd-card

I have just tried to update to the new CN NTU 2022.10, but Garmin Express keeps telling me to insert a memory card although there is an 8 GB memory card in my Nüvi 2460. I also have tried an empty 16 GB SD for testing purposes, but it is not recognized either. Both SD cards are FAT32 formatted. What's going on, Garmin?

  • I already have.

    The first answer from Garmin was that the 8 GB SD card is too small and I have to use a 16 GB card (I forgot to mention in the first email that I had already tried this without success). But the 8 GB SD card should also be large enough for the installation. I currently have around 4 GB of free space on this SD card and I have installed CN NTU 2021.30 on my nüvi. I don't remember exactly how big the 2021.30 was, but the current 2022.10 with its 7.95 GB will certainly not be 4 GB larger than the 2021.30?

    Back in 2018, I had a similar problem. At that time it was 2018.30 which I could not install with Garmin Express despite there was a SD card installed, because he always said there was not enough free space. I discussed it with the Garmin support for a long time. I reset my nüvi, uninstalled the installed map from the PC, uninstalled and reinstalled Garmin Express ... etc. Then, a new version of Garmin Express came out and everything worked fine. Wink

  • I received a response from Garmin Support. Frankly, it is not necessarily that wass I wanted to hear (translated from German):

    "Unfortunately, due to the required memory space, it is no longer possible to install the entire map on your nüvi 2460 using a map update.

    When installing the map, not only the map data is saved, but also data that must be stored in the internal memory of the device. Therefore, in this case, even an optional microSD memory card does not provide the desired remedy to completely install the map update. In the case of newer / current devices, the internal memory is larger.

    We hope that this information has helped you, but we ask for your understanding that, for the reasons mentioned above, we are unfortunately unable to offer you any other solution in the present case."

    I cannot fully understand this, actually there should be no reason why certain data must be installed in the internal memory. I will investigate this further...

  • Many other files are stored on the internal memory during a map update, ranging from junction view files to updated timezone data 

  • Had same issue with my device. Another computer in the household had older version of Garmin Expres ( and was able to see the SD Card and perform the update with no issues

  • Some things are really wrong here. As suggested by Garmin Support, I have now only installed a part of the map (central Europe). However, I was surprised that nothing has changed on the SD card. On closer inspection, I notice that the remains of the old CN NTU 2021.30 are still on the SD card. If I start Garmin MapInstall, the application shows me the following maps as already installed:

    That means, Garmin Express only uses the internal memory for storing map data.

    If I remove the old map from the SD card, I can actually install the complete CN NTU 2022.10 using MapInstall (I can install the map with MapInstall, but it seems to brick my Nüvi). To do this, however, I have to manually select all the individual 640 maps in the advanced option menu. If I just click on the check mark in the selection screen, I get a message that the card is already installed.

    My conclusion from this: Garmin Express simply does not recognize the SD card, and the answer from Garmin Support is simply wrong (again).

    In any case, I hope that Garmin solves this problem, because with MapInstall I cannot install maps on my PC.

  • Maybe, but in this case the fault is clearly Garmin Express. The complete installation on the device works with MapInstall, see my answer above.

  • Next problem: After the update with MapInstall, the Nüvi no longer shows a map at all. The screen is practically blank except for the car. Funnily enough, I can still select destinations and it also shows me the route. But the roads are missing. Oh dear.

  • Next problem: After the update with MapInstall, the Nüvi no longer shows a map at all after the first reboot.The screen is practically blank except for the car. Funnily enough, I can still select destinations and it also shows me the route. But the roads are missing. But MapInstall and Garmin Express tells me everything is fine. Oh dear.

  • MapInstall shouldn't be used with your nuvi, Express is what you should use. I suspect your nuvi is in such a mess after all of this your best way forward is a master reset and try again with Express.

  • Already tried, unfortunately it doesn't work. I reinstalled the map with Garmin Express after the reset but the Nüvi display is still blank. Strangely enough, I can still navigate. When I select a destination, it shows me the course of the route, while navigating it also shows me the street names, speed limits and the images for changing lanes. Only the rest of the map is missing. Really strange.

    I actually didn't do that much. I only exchanged the SD card for a fresh one, as MapInstall would otherwise recognize the remains of the 2021.30. In the past I have always used MapInstall to update my Nuvi, I found the software much better than Garmin Express (which makes my floppy disk rattle every time it is opened). I only use Garmin Express because I can install the map there on my PC. But I'm not surprised, I've had problems with Garmin's software so many times.