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Garmin Express does not recognize my Nüvi 2460's sd-card

I have just tried to update to the new CN NTU 2022.10, but Garmin Express keeps telling me to insert a memory card although there is an 8 GB memory card in my Nüvi 2460. I also have tried an empty 16 GB SD for testing purposes, but it is not recognized either. Both SD cards are FAT32 formatted. What's going on, Garmin?

  • I forgot some information: I am using Windows 7 with an ESU (Extended Security Updates) license. The last time I updated CN NT Garmin Express, some map tiles were already stored on the SD card due to lack of space on my nüvi. So I'm pretty sure the SD card is working properly.

  • Your device uses the NTU map not NT. Try installing that after updating Express

  • You're right, my nüvi uses the NTU card, it was a typo on my part. Sorry. It is not at all possible to install another, incompatible map with Garmin Express. So this cannot be the cause of the problem. Unfortunately, the forum software apparently does not allow me to edit my posts afterwards, or did I miss something?

    Edit: Ha, found the edit function!

  • Is the card correctly inserted? Does it show in Windows Explorer? 

  • Yes, of course. It shows up in Explorer and I can use my nüvi to access the memory card. BTW: Part of the CN NTU card was already installed on the memory card during the last updates without any problems. Therefore I rule out that the card does not work.

  • Only other thing I would try is do a full format of your card, not a quick format. Then update Express, delete your device from Express then re-add it without the card installed. Only insert the card when Express asks for it.

  • I tried all of this today. BTW: The SD card is succesfully recognized by BaseCamp. Why Garmin Express does not recognize the card is a mystery to me. Everything worked fine until the last update of Garmin Express. I have to say that I had a similar problem back in 2018. At that time Garmin Express also claimed there was not enough storage space, even though I had installed an 16 GB SD card. At that time I was given the same tips from Garmin, including the tip to uninstall the map and Garmin Express and then reinstall them.

    I fear that I will have to wait for a new and hopefully error-free update from Garmin Express.

  • One more thing, check BaseCamp isn't running at the same time as Express. That causes issues on some PCs. V7.7.1.0 is working fine for me so not sure that is the issue.

  • No, BaseCamp was closed during my installation attempt with Garmin Express.

  • Then call Product Support for detailed help. Something isn't correct.