Unable to update maps on zūmo 346LMT-S

Using the latest (  version of Garmin Express, I have been attempting to update the maps.  I get the error message “The latest version of these maps have so much new information that we're not going to be able to fit it all on your device's internal memory. Please contact Product Support for help with updating your maps." The file size is 5.63Gb. 

Following support advice, I have removed all unused files from the device – the free internal space is now 1.3Gb. On a 7Gb device, it's had to imagine I can clear nearly 6Gb of it. 

The device has an empty 32Gb MicroSD card installed. This is recognised by the device, because:

  1. It’s visible in Windows when I plug in using the USB cable
  2. Garmin Express lists it in the “Utilities” tab
  3. I am able to copy a GPX file onto the card, then “import” it into the device using the Trip Planner

However, following support advice, I reformatted the SD card, although it was already formatted. This didn’t solve the problem, but did remove a previously downloaded map update. My device no longer has a map installed at all, making it unusable.

I have tried this process from a second computer, to discount a computer problem causing the problem. Symptoms persist on each computer.

It is possible to update maps if I select "computer only" (i.e. the download process works fine). Obviously, this doesn't update the device.

I see no evidence the device has a hardware fault, but since the only map was removed it is now unusable. It appears Garmin Express doesn’t try and install the map to the SD card, even though there’s insufficient internal memory and a valid SD card.

  • Seems I found a work-around for this one. While Garmin Express has a defect that means it won't install maps onto a SD card, Basecamp works.  What I had to do was to use Garmin Express to update the map to "Computer only", the select the "Update maps" option from the maps menu in Basecamp. It took a while, but successfully updated the latest maps to the Zumo, making it useable again.

    Garmin Express still says there's an update, but the Zumo is using the latest maps so I can wait for Garmin to fix Garmin Express.

  • Express should install to the sd card without a problem, it does for me. Note using BaseCamp just installs the map and not all the other update files, eg junction views

  • Hi - thanks for responding. The other updates offered by Express work fine, it's just the map update that throws an error. Even now, after I've updated the map using Basecamp, Express still offers the map update, but throws the error if I try to run it.

    Maybe it's just a Zumo 346 problem, or maybe there's a setting I've missed somewhere that tells Express to install on the SD card. 

  • You're missing the point. The map update isn't just the map. It also includes junction view, updated POIs etc. These aren't available separately in Express. The map sent to your PC and then installed to your device is only the map. 

    Also there is no setting somewhere in Express that tells it to install to the card, it will do it automatically. If it's not working for you call Product Support for detailed help