Removing Old Maps from C:\ProgramData\Garmin\CoreService\Downloads\Map

Can I delete what appear to be old Map folders related to my Garmin SmartDrive 61from my Windows laptop C:\ProgramData\Garmin\CoreService\Downloads\Map ?  The folders are as follows:




And if so, are there any other Garmin related folders/files that can be periodically deleted because they're no longer in use to save space on my C:\ drive?

Sorry if these are redundant questions, but I cannot find an identical situation in this forum where folder C:\ProgramData\Garmin\Map is empty, so asking to be sure that the huge map folders above can be deleted?

  • Those folders can be deleted. They are there in case you ever want to reinstall a map or update other devices and saves the data having to be downloaded again. The other folder you mention holds the maps for BaseCamp or MapSource 

  • Thank you very much Sussamb!  May I also delete what appears to be old application folders ( "c:\ProgramData]Garmin\CoreService\Downloads\Application" where "" appears to be the most recent?   And the same question about older folders under ""c:\ProgramData]Garmin\CoreService\Downloads\Firware" where "Firmware_Firmware.006-D1074-00.27.00" appears to be the most recent?  Is there a document that describes precisely what I can do to delete folder/files no longer in use after an update?  Imagine there is a technical reason, but one might think that Garmin would delete these during the update process? 

  • Yes, you're not alone in calling for options to delete these unnecessary folders/files but Garmin haven't budged. Afraid there is no document but anything in CoreService should be deleteable without issue.